In an age when customers want to be more informed than sold, we believe that it is critical to provide the customer with as much accurate information as possible to make the best possible decisions.  Therefore we break down the information and processes related high piled combustible storage permitting into “layman’s” terms to provide actionable information.

Our Story

It all started with a simple question… What is a rack permit?  Seems simple enough, but to this date has not been answered sufficiently.  That is because it technically does not exist, but is used in an incorrect context.  It was the  pursuit of that answer that created this entity.  I found out that the rack permit was actually a building permit that is required to install the racking that I was selling.  Then, when pursuing how to obtain a building permit to install my racking I discovered that there was a high piled combustible storage permit that was also needed.  This is the one that has started all of the trouble, and this is where my passion lies.  My spiritual gift is learning, and this page is where I post what I learn.

Meet the Team

Active Industrial Fire Protection is owned by David Kalinec, Jr, but when you hire AIFP, you are working with a strategic team of architects, engineers, and subcontractors who are all specialists in the field of high piled combustible storage permitting.  Therefore, we are able to handle any project, at any time, and able to complete it on time and on budget.

David Kalinec

Founder & CEO

Coming from over eighteen years in the materials handling industry, and having a Master’s degree from Texas A&M University in Industrial Distribution, I am experienced in facilitating sales and operations to achieve efficiencies and cost savings in the Warehouse and Distribution Center. I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Fire Protection Engineering from California Polytechnic University. After eight years in fire code consulting, I am very well versed in the various International Fire and Building Codes and NFPA Standards. I am hoping the Master’s Degree will facilitate my professional engineer certification. I am a member of the International Code Council, National Fire Protection Association, Society of Fire Protection Engineers, Association of General Contractors and NAIOP.

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